Subject Wise Test Schedule 2015

Month Date Subject
April 19 Anatomy
26 Bio/FM
May 10 AIIMS Exam **
17 PGI Exam **
24 Physiology
31 Pathology
June 14 Microbiology
21 Pharmacology
28 PSM
July 12 ENT / Ortho
19 Surgery-I (General Surgery, GIT)
26 Surgery-II(Urology, Burns, Plastic Surgery,
Endocrine Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Chest Surgery)
August 9 Eye
16 Peds
23 Medicine-I(CVS, CNS, Respi, Rheumatology)
30 Medicine-II (Blood, Infectious diseases, Kidney,
Endocrine, Liver/GIT)
September 13 OBG
20 Anesthesia / Radiology
27 Skin / Psychiatry

**(Assuming that AIIMS Exam is on 2nd Sunday & PGI is on 3rd Sunday of May, These dates can be change depending on the actual exam dates which are not yet Know)


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