Dear Colleagues,
I will be taking Medicine SPECIAL REVISION Classes in
CHANDIGARH – 9th to 11th Sept.
CHENNAI – 23rd to 25th Sept.
LUCKNOW – 30th Sept. to 2nd Oct.
It is free for all students UGs/ Interns/ Post – Interns. No fees but prior registration is must.
Details given As below…
Highlights of the classes
● Latest updates from Harrison 19th Edition and many points which not given even in the Harrison 19th Edition also !!!
● Learn the Basic concepts & all the latest questions !!!
● Revise whole medicine in 3 hours !!!
● Revise ECG in less than 3 minutes !!!
● Revise Spinal cord syndrome in less than i Minute !!!
● Revise Brainstem syndrome in less than 2 Minute !!!
● Revise Acid Base Disturbance in 5 Seconds !!!
● Revise Anion Gap in 5 Seconds !!!
● Revise Bartter, Gietelman, Gordon and Liddle Syndrome in 5 seconds !!!
● Know about NEET pattern exams & prometric Marking system.



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